Wednesday, March 19, 2014

pop-up #1: 2014

So this is happening next month! I am rather pleased to be getting busy preparing more cushions, army blankets and pennant flags for this pop-up market at Mooshka Restaurant in Sunshine Beach.

I'll have a preview of items for sale closer to the day, but you may also wish to sign-up for my newsletter or follow me on Instagram @perpetual_one for little sneak previews and a sweet bonus.

Have a great week! Tomorrow I am off to Sydney for a Creative Arts Festival which is going to be a whole lot of fun and inspiration.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

new shades: the little house that was. and will be. pt2

What a difference some new lighting makes! 

Last year I shared a little of the house extensions and changes we were making to our little Queensland worker's cottage. Since then there has been a lot of prep-work, sanding, painting, etc on the inside....which anyone who has renovated will be familiar with. At times it can feel overwhelming when trying to fit it around the rest of your life responsibilities. The hardest thing to learn (for me anyway) is how long it takes to achieve results. Time is the limiting factor.

With that in mind, we are very pleased with the new spaces and today I am extra pleased to share some new fittings that went up yesterday. EEEEP I love them! I found the rustic industrial shades at one of our local antique stores and had originally planned to hang them on our verandah. But together with my husbands input, we tried them in the new ensuite and bedroom... and I think that's where they'll stay. 

I haven't finished the fixtures and fittings in the bathroom (still hunting for the right mirrored cabinet and shelves) but here are a few snaps of the ensuite's evolution. Don't mind the styling - or lack of - this is a real, lived-in sort of house! 


new old industrial shade

amber bottle collection
Hope you've enjoyed a little update - thanks for reading.

Thursday, February 27, 2014

giveaway winner & new designs

Today I am pleased to share with you the winner of our custom pennant flag giveaway via INSTAGRAM - Ms Heidi O'Rouke of @mozsas! Heidi selected the name of her home and the year they moved in to be embroidered onto her flag. I'm pretty happy with how it turned out and hope she is too! 

Thank you to all our Insta-Friends who played along and I hope to connect with a few more of you who enjoy using the creative space of IG.

I'm also pleased today to share that we are planning and working on some NEW DESIGNS for autumn/winter 2014. Cushions, pouches and more hand-restored blankets, of course...
Personally I am so looking forward to the weather cooling up here in QLD so that I can add a blanket to my bed again. The classic grey wool always looks so good. Anyway, I will share a little more as things take shape, but please feel free to get in touch if you have a custom order or gift in mind or browse our items in the shop.

Friday, February 14, 2014

custom pennant flags & a giveaway!

Today I am very pleased to share the result of several months trial and error with stitching, fabrics and patience...a brand new product now available via our on-line store! 

These wall banners are a unique design with gold embroidery in HMAS-style font paired with an army blanket cut into a swallow-tail flag. They can be customised to your preference, with options of wording and font.

For more details - please visit our store or get in touch with us.

To celebrate their release today - we are GIVING AWAY one flag. Entry is via INSTAGRAM only so head over and find us @perpetual_one and leave a comment with what name you would select to be embroidered if you won, for example HOBSON & CO. Winner will be drawn Monday 17th Feb at 12midday. Good luck!

(c) copyright original design by georgina hobson 2014.

Monday, February 10, 2014


Now that we are part way into the new year - it's nice to re-visit this space and freshen things up!
Last week as I reviewed things here and realised that blogging has been a regular hobby of mine for over FIVE years now, I was a little surprised. Surprised that I have stayed committed to posting  - but mostly pleased that this has meant I have been regularly practicing the art of 'writing'. It is rewarding to look back over the topics I have shared (including some personal & family milestones), but it is equally satisfying to think of all the hours and energy I have dedicated to something I love - writing.

With this in mind - I plan to continue this blog and look for more opportunities to grow this space as I further develop my writing, together with my other loves of stitching and gardening. My hope is that the themes here, will resonate with you as well.

Monday, November 18, 2013

murobond makers market

Several months ago we were thrilled to be invited to share some of our designs with Murobond Paints who have a showroom in their Sydney HQ. This month we are thrilled once again to be a contributor to the Murobond Makers Market in the lead up to Christmas.

All indications so far tell us this will be a stunning and cleverly executed market with unique wares made by Australian artists and designers. I just wish I could *pop* down to Sydney for the day and share in all the goodness to be had!

There are a few of our oblong cushions included in the market. Our cushion covers are constructed from vintage blankets and genuine RAN Tally Bands, backed with black linen and fitted with a metal zipper. Assembled with French Seams and carefully hand-darned patches each cushion is a smart one-of-a-kind piece. Cushions are filled with a down-feather pillow.

There will be another small collection added to our shop prior to Christmas. Please get in touch if you are interested in reserving one.

Monday, October 21, 2013

miniature garden pots. assemble it.

Today I am sharing how to put together some sweet little pots which can be used for a variety of occasions. Originally I made them as gifts for customers at my market shop, but recently I was invited to contribute a place holder gift to a Kinfolk gathering in Brisbane. I thoroughly enjoyed getting these together again and wanted to share how easy they are to create plus a couple of variations.
So, here's some info and ideas - but please contact me if you have any queries.

> Pots: I use the 'jiffy' peat pots which are widely available in hardware stores or garden centres. These clever little pots are made from organic, biodegradable materials which allow for ease of transplanting small seedlings into a larger pot or garden bed. Once the plant grows sufficiently, you can plant 'pot and all' into the soil - making sure the entire pot is under the soil level. The pot slowly becomes part of the soil - helping prevent shock when transplanting.
> Planting: Fill little pots with nutritious soil (use succulent mix if planting small cacti or succulents), using a large tablespoon to avoid mess. Leave a little room at the top to sit your plant in, and then gently fill around plant and press down to firm soil ensuring all roots are covered. I used a variety of 'Thyme', 'Sedum' and 'Jade' plants you can see in these images.

> Wrap: I finished these pots with a little piece of lunchwrap/waxed paper. This assists with transport and prevents the soil drying out until the recipient has a chance to plant them out at home. Cut small square sheets and carefully wrap around plant being careful not to tip out your plant or soil. Use a rubber band to hold paper in place while you tie your finishing length of string or wire around the paper (and then remove the rubber band).

For the Kinfolk pots I selected copper ties and labels to finish(These are also widely available from hardware stores). I used an engraving pen but a pencil or ballpoint pen will work just as nicely to write your message or names on the copper tags.

my 'kinfolk' place name pots
> Nuturing: Until the time your peat pots get planted out, keep them watered so that the peat pot is dark in colour. Once the pot turns light brown it has dried out and you will need to moisten again. Note that Succulents are much more hardy and don't mind drying out a little.

> Ideas for sharing: You can use these pots as name place holders, wedding favours with a little flag, christmas gifts, table decor grouping them together in a row or clustered along the centre of a table. A nice summer variation is to use 'Mint' which makes a perfect addition to chilled drinks in hot weather. They are also fun activity to make with kids - who love helping fill the soil and water the tiny plants. Last year my son and I made some seedlings in old coffee cups and he absolutely loved seeing the seedlings pop up from the soil. 

wedding favour - with rosemary & flag

summer party gifts - using washi tape

The possibilities are many - ENJOY! 

(c) georgina hobson 2013. please feel free to share, pin or extend this idea in your own on-line spaces, but we do ask nicely that you link back to our website here. thank you.